Friday, February 1, 2013

Au revoir Dots.

It has become completely apparent during the past week that trying to write 2 blogs is insane. What was I thinking? Well I know what I was trying to do: Neatly compartmentalise my life - family over here, cooking over there, big ribbon on top.

In trying to work out how I was going to manage all of this and turn the new blog Island Family into a sleeker more professional looking animal, I ended up doing an inordinate amount of reading of blogs and about blogging. Some very good blogs in fact. Almost one of the first ones I read in a post called "10 things you need to know about successful blogging" or suchlike, was NEVER under any circumstances START A SECOND BLOG, when you already have one that works.

Well that certainly gave me some food for thought.

Anyway this has been one of those weeks where one does a lot of thinking on the meaning of life and all that, and I came to the conclusion that my life isn't in neat boxes (apart from the books in the garage, as yet still unpacked) I am time-poor (along with money-poor. Bang goes that Post Modern theory on balance) and the world does not need another food blog. I also happen to love writing my blog about the family and living on this rackety island, so to hell with potential Ukrainian Internet Stalkers (no offence to my Ukrainian readers if you are not into internet fraud) and other privacy concerns.

As I'd already mentioned previously, I have a terribly over-active brain and only about another 50 years left to live - so I sort of want to do it all. The upshot, dear readers, therefore is that in my new, consolidated blog  (everything from here has been moved there) you're going to get me whinging on about the housework  interspersed with chocolate chip cookie recipes and lots of pictures of children sailing. It's kind of how my life rolls.

I have every intention of shamelssly promoting Island Family, so just like a normal blog, in other words. Please feel free therefore to 'follow' and 'like' and all that other Social Media-speak as much as you wish. Tell a friend. Share on Facebook but most importantly - please make comments, even if it is to tell me that the recipes dont work or I shouldn't swear at the children but I need comments if I want to grow this blogging career of mine.

So thanks for reading me here and all the lovely comments on Facebook, and it's au revoir to 'Joining the Dots'  and hello to Island Family. Just a click away.

Bye for now. See you on the other side


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